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Radiant is Christian television broadcasting video, music, and scripture for the glory of God.

RadiantTV is a non-profit, viewer-supported television program that takes the viewer to the most beautiful revelations of God’s glory in nature. From the glimmering seas to the most spectacular canyons, the viewer sees majestic scenery that stirs up a spirit of worship toward the One who created it all! On top of that, each episode of RadiantTV features thoughtfully selected Scripture supported by serene instrumental music promising to bring hope, comfort, and peace.

We display even the smallest details that our Lord has created!
We display even the smallest details that our Lord has created!

We’ve all heard it said, “You are what you eat.” But have you heard that you conform to what you watch? From the prophet Isaiah’s transforming vision of the Lord to the Apostle Paul’s admonition to be changed from beholding the mirror of God’s word, the Scriptures tell us that a worshipful, surrendered heart results from watching the glory of God. This is why RadiantTV exists.

Since, according to Psalm 19, God reveals His glory through creation and the Bible, RadiantTV is a ministry that combines these two powerful components into artistically refined videos. Being televised on an increasing number of networks and available on RadiantTV.com and streaming devices worldwide 24/7, the program’s Christ-centered outreach potential is truly exciting!

The RadiantTV production team — consisting of Gospel-driven, born-again Christians — is actively shooting fresh footage to add to our library. We capture it all and then bring it to our viewer’s homes to bless them and exalt the Creator.

RadiantTV is proud to capture footage from many of the U.S. National Parks.
RadiantTV is proud to capture footage from many of the U.S. National Parks.

Of course, it is generous giving that has brought us this far. Bringing Christian content to the homes of our viewers takes the right equipment, the labor of our team, and much more. We are overwhelmingly grateful that our viewers have selflessly offered so many prayers and donations. We ask you now to seek God’s empowerment to go beyond in partnering with us for His glory.

Please enjoy times of worship and Godly adoration while watching RadiantTV and, while you’re at it, consider what you can do to further RadiantTV’s outreach!

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RadiantTV is produced by Dominion Broadcasting Inc., a 501c(3) non-profit organization and television ministry based out of Toledo, Ohio.

Our Team

Aaron Darr
Aaron DarrSenior VP of Production
Jamey Schmitz
Jamey SchmitzPresident & CEO
Lexy Bialuk
Lexy BialukVP of Public Relations
Zach Alvarez
Zach AlvarezVP of Creative Services
Virginia Bossa
Virginia BossaSVP of Programming
Todd Minard
Todd MinardChief Engineer
Tyler Kempton
Tyler KemptonProducer and Editor
Isaac Darr
Isaac DarrProduction Assistant
Jesse Darr
Jesse DarrTraffic Manager
Will Allen
Will AllenProducer and Editor
Danny Proshek
Danny ProshekBroadcast Engineer

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