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Our mission is to help people worship God. RadiantTV is a non-profit, viewer-supported ministry dedicated to delivering the hope of Christ to people in need, through excellent videos and music. We are immensely grateful for every gift, whatever the amount, because it is an essential part of our ministry outreach.

Can’t get to some of the most beautiful natural scenes crafted by the Creator? We’ll bring them to you. Make a lasting impact with your gift and consider giving to RadiantTV today.

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Thank-you gifts


God’s Promises for Your Every Need

RadiantTV’s 19-song DVD “Wonderful Peace”


RadiantTV Ambassador Coffee Mug

This encouraging 340-page resource, based solely on the Scriptures, offers a topical grouping of Bible verses to help you grow and mature in Christ and give you a deeper, spiritual understanding through the trials of life. As our special way to say “thank you,” when you financially support RadiantTV’s ministry with a gift $25 or more, we’ll mail you a copy of the book “God’s Promises for Your Every Need.”

Our “Wonderful Peace” collection features over sixty minutes of our favorite selections from the RadiantTV library. When you support RadiantTV’s mission with $100 or more, you will receive a copy of our nineteen-song DVD, “Wonderful Peace,” and the God’s Promises for Your Every Need Scripture Book.

With your generous gift of $365 to help RadiantTV touch lives, we will name you a RadiantTV Ambassador in recognition of and appreciation for your significant investment in our broadcast ministry. As a RadiantTV Ambassador, you will receive our special RadiantTV Ambassador Coffee Mug, RadiantTV’s latest nineteen-song “Wonderful Peace” DVD, and the God’s Promises for Your Every Need Scripture Book.

You can make your safe and secure gift online or call at 1-800-998-1694.
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