Radiant is Christian television broadcasting video, music, and scripture for the glory of God.

We are always looking for more opportunities to spread our programming for the glory of God across the world. Want RadiantTV to broadcast in your area? Let’s talk.

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24/7 Streams
YouTube (HD) Worldwide
RadiantTV.com web stream Worldwide
Amazon FireTV App Worldwide
Roku App Worldwide
WLMB-TV 40.2 Toledo, Ohio

Networks / Channels
NRB Network Nationwide on DirectTV
The Walk TV Network Odessa, Florida
Total Living Network Chicago, Illinois

Broadcast Station Affiliates
Cornerstone Television Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
IBN Television National
KCHF-TV 11, Son Broadcasting Network Albuquerque, New Mexico
KSCE Channel 38 El Paso, Texas
KTLN Total Living Network San Francisco, California
WACX-TV SuperChannel 55 Orlando Orlando, Florida
WATC Atlanta’s 57 Atlanta, Georgia
WBNA TV 21 Louisville, Kentucky
WBPH TV 60 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
WBPI TV 49 Augusta, South Carolina
WGGS Channel 16.2 Carolina Christian Broadcasting Greenville, South Carolina
WTLW TV 44 Lima, Ohio
WLHG HopeNow TV Lynchburg, Virginia
WLMB-TV 40 (overnights) Toledo, Ohio

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